Military History (A.A.)

Military History (A.A.)


The purpose of this Associate of Arts in Military History is to equip students with the foundational knowledge necessary for interpreting the past. These interpretational skills are valuable in a wide variety of fields, and foster opportunities for students in teaching, researching, and public service.

This degree prepares those in the military working in national defense as well as aid those in the civilian sector who seek to work for various government agencies and or contractors aligned with defending our national security here and abroad. In addition, students are equipped with those skills needed for various history fields of employment.

Program Learning Outcomes

The student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate mastery of a breadth of general knowledge of the field of military history.
  • Analyze military strategies, leadership, and major operational themes within the context of military campaigns and occupations that shaped Western tradition and government.

Delivery Format: Online Only

  • This degree is a foundation for additional education in history, government, pre-law, education, or civic literacy (leading to various four-year BA/BS degrees).
  • Military Analyst
  • Defense Contractor
  • Security Contractor
  • Department of Defense
  • Strategy Manager
  • Strategic Planning Director
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