School of Business

School of Business

School of Business


David Brat, B.A., M.Div., Ph.D.
Dean, School of Business
Professor of Business

Anita Satterlee, B.S., M.A., Ed.D.
Online Dean, School of Business
Professor of Management

Melanie Hicks, B.S., M.B.A, D.B.A.
Associate Dean of Residential Programs
Director of Accreditation, Professor of Business

Daniel O’Malley, B.S., M.S., Ph.D.
Chair, Computer Sciences
Associate Professor of Computer Sciences

Beth Koss, B.S., M.B.A., CPA
Chair, Department of Accounting, Finance, Financial Planning, & Economics
Associate Professor of Accounting

Roger Bingham, B.S., M.B.A, Ph.D.
Chair, School of Business
Associate Professor of Business

Mike Floyd, B.S., M.A.R.
Associate Dean of Online Programs, School of Business
Associate Professor of Business

Anthony E. Beckles, Sr., B.S., M.B.A
Online Chair, School of Business
Assistant Professor of Business

Jonathan M. Philebaum, B.S., M.B.A., Ph.D.
Online Chair, School of Business
Associate Professor of Business

Laura Hatfield, B.S., B.S., M.S., Ph.D.
Chair, Sport, Event, and Tourism Management
Associate Professor, Sport, Event, and Tourism Management

Alexander Averin, B.A., M.B.A., Ph.D.
Online Chair, School of Business
Associate Professor of Business

Jason R. Vranes M.B.A., Ed.D.
Online Chair, School of Business
Associate Professor of Business

Program Directors

A listing of program directors can be viewed at

Research Intensive Courses

All research intensive courses are listed online at


Liberty University’s School of Business has achieved voluntary accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), demonstrating it has met standards of business education that promote teaching excellence. Undergraduate programs that have achieved accredited status include:

  • A.A. in Accounting
  • A.A. in Business
  • A.A. in Business Management Information Systems
  • B.S. in Accounting
  • B.S. in Business Administration
  • B.S. in Information Systems

ACBSP accreditation encompasses both resident and distance learning programs.

The sport management degree program(s) at Liberty University have received specialized accreditation through the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation (COSMA) located in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. The sport management programs in the following degrees are accredited by COSMA:

  • Bachelor of Science Sport Management (Residential) with cognates in Sport Administration, Sport Communication & Public Relations, Sport Outreach, Sport Venue Management, and General Studies.


To educate our Business students with the values, knowledge, and skills they need in the development of the whole person to enable them to impact their world. Inherent in this mission are the following fundamental imperatives:

  1. That all teaching be given within a distinctively Christian worldview;
  2. That the Word of God be honored as the final authority for life and practice;
  3. That justice and ethics be exalted within a context of limited government and a free market system in a global economy;
  4. That all of life’s tasks are sacred and are to be done as unto the Lord;
  5. That the education process be a collaboration with faculty and staff, helping to transform students into self-sufficient, lifelong learners; and
  6. That courses of instruction be designed and delivered to provide our graduates with a competitive advantage as they pursue their chosen careers.

Business Internship Program

Integration of theory and practice is the purpose of the Business Internship Program at Liberty. Hands-on learning, in addition to classroom learning, gives the student a perspective that is very valuable upon graduation. The internship experience provides a basis for career decisions, as well as experience that will assist the student in securing employment.

Juniors and seniors who wish to be considered for the internship program should contact the Business Internship Director to discuss qualifications for and the methods of obtaining internships.

Sigma Beta Delta and Delta Mu Delta Honor Societies

Sigma Beta Delta and Delta Mu Delta are honor societies for students of business, management or administration. The honor societies recognize students who have achieved superior academic performance through the pursuit of wisdom, honor, and the pursuit of meaningful aspirations. Membership invitations are forwarded each spring to accounting and business majors who rank in the upper 20 percent of the class.

Information Technology Competency Requirements


Information Technology (INFT) is designed to assist students in developing and demonstrating foundational technology competency and proficiency that will lead to success in their college program coursework and future careers. All incoming residential students, both freshmen and transfer, have the option to take an assessment in Information Technology their first semester to determine basic competency. The Information Technology assessment covers areas in computer concepts, including file management, email, word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation software.

The competency requirements may be met by either passing the assessments or taking a course, INFT 110 Computer Concepts and Applications (3 c.h.) or INFT 111 MAC Computer Concepts and Applications (3 c.h.) (MAC only). In addition, students may complete a combination of assessments and coursework (INFT 102 PowerPoint (1 c.h.), INFT 103 Excel (1 c.h.), and/or INFT 104 Word (1 c.h.)) to fulfill the competency requirements. Online students develop their technology skills by other varied means, and online students beginning at Liberty complete UNIV 104 Instructional Technology for Successful Online Learning (3 c.h.) to assure technological competency. 

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