Early Childhood Education Interdisciplinary Studies Major (B.S.)

Early Childhood Education Interdisciplinary Studies Major (B.S.)

Non-Licensure Program

This is a non-licensure degree and is not a state approved program. Completion of this degree will not lead to the eligibility of a VA state teaching license or a teaching license or certificate in any other state. If you would like to be eligible for a VA state teaching license or work through reciprocity guidelines to be eligible for a license or certificate in another state, you must complete one of our state-approved programs. Refer to www.liberty.edu/advisingguide.

Program Learning Outcomes

A graduate of the Pre-Licensure (AA & BS) programs:

PRE-A. Knows Christian values, moral dimensions, and ethical implications synthesized with academic knowledge

PRE-B. Implements skills as a gift from God, because teaching is a calling from God

PRE-C. Believes and practices personal integrity, social responsibility, sensitivity to the needs of others, and the betterment of humanity

  • PRE-A1. Demonstrates a broad base of general and professional knowledge;
  • PRE-B2. Plans effective instruction and selects a variety of strategies based on developmental levels and diverse backgrounds in course case studies;
  • PRE-B3. Demonstrates the understanding of differentiated instruction,
  • PRE-B4. Demonstrates an understanding of classroom management to motivate students and maximize learning;
  • PRE-C5. Demonstrates behaviors of a reflective student, articulates a Biblical worldview, and seeks opportunities for professional development.
  • Tutor
  • Homeschool Teacher
  • Paraprofessional
  • Private School Teacher
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