Global Studies Major (B.S.)

Global Studies Major (B.S.)

Students majoring in Global Studies will be well-equipped for international engagement. They will learn the skills necessary to thrive, build relationships, and establish healthy careers in other cultures while developing an understanding of the particular dynamics that are associated with living and working abroad. To help accomplish this goal, the B.S. in Global Studies program requires students to either double-major or minor in another area.


The B.S. in Global Studies seeks to provide students with a thorough foundation for effective engagement in intercultural careers and service. The program combines a comprehensive theory of global engagement with practical experience, culminating in a semester-long cultural immersion internship.

Program Learning Outcomes

The student will be able to:

  • Analyze essential principles of effective global engagement.
  • Demonstrate competency in cultural adaptation, research, and communication.
  • Employ critical thinking skills in addressing current issues in global engagement.

Delivery Format: Residential Only

  • Faith-based organizations with a global or cross-cultural focus
  • Global nonprofit/non-governmental (NGOs) or educational organizations
  • Global refugee relief and resettlement organizations
  • Human rights or anti-trafficking advocacy organizations and programs
  • International development/disaster response organizations
  • Church and/or cross-cultural ministry organizations
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