Apologetics & Cultural Engagement Major (B.S.)

Apologetics & Cultural Engagement Major (B.S.)


The Bachelor of Science in Cultural Engagement major prepares individuals for culture-related writing, reflection, and teaching within church, parachurch, and non-profit settings. The relationship between Christianity and the broader culture is always a topic of critical importance for ministry workers and Christian non-profit leaders. Careful consideration is given to the nature of culture and its development in Western society, along with the best strategies to engage people with excellence and success. The degree takes a three-pronged approach, helping students reflect on the theological implications of Scripture’s teaching about humanity and culture, helping students understand the cultural influences that have shaped the people around them, and helping students develop clear and practical methods of communicating on a variety of cultural issues.

Program Learning Outcomes

The student will be able to:

  • Articulate and biblically justify essential truths of evangelical Christianity.
  • Apply the principles of biblical interpretation.
  • Evaluate various aspects of culture from a Christian worldview in order to engage the world biblically.
  • Clergy
  • Pastor
  • Church Planter
  • Worship Director
  • Non-profit Ministry Leader
  • Education Ministry Director (church)
  • Missions Director (church)
  • Community Organizer
  • Blogger
  • Public Policy Group Leader
  • Publishing Assistant
  • Christian Advocacy Group Leader
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