Public Policy (M.A.P.P.) - Campaigns & Elections

Public Policy (M.A.P.P.) - Campaigns & Elections

Important: This degree plan is effective for those starting this degree program in fall 2023 through summer 2024. This degree plan will remain in effect for students who do not break enrollment or who do not change degree programs, concentrations, or cognates.

Core Courses
PPOG 500Introduction to Research and Writing3
PPOG 502Economics and Public Policy3
PPOG 503Political Philosophy3
PPOG 504Leadership, Statesmanship, and Governance 13
PPOG 506Introduction to Geopolitics and International Diplomacy 13
PPOL 501Foundations of American Governance: An Introduction to Public Policy3
PPOL 505Applied Public Policy Research Methods 13
Total Hours21

Students are strongly encouraged to take PPOG 500 Introduction to Research and Writing (3 c.h.), PPOG 502 Economics and Public Policy (3 c.h.), PPOG 503 Political Philosophy (3 c.h.), and PPOL 501 Foundations of American Governance: An Introduction to Public Policy (3 c.h.) before this course.  The content of these courses will help set a foundation for the remaining Public Policy course work

Campaigns & Elections Cognate
PPOG 635Speech Writing for Candidates and Officeholders3
PPOL 630Campaign Tactics, Strategies, and Management3
PPOL 631Message, Media and Political Communication3
Total Hours9
Thesis or Elective Courses 1,2,3
PPOG 688Thesis Proposal3
PPOG 689Thesis Research 4,53
PPOG 690Thesis Defense0
Total Hours6

Students may take two electives instead of PPOG 688 Thesis Proposal (3 c.h.), PPOG 689 Thesis Research (3 c.h.), & PPOG 690 Thesis Defense (3 c.h.).3,4


Choose from the following courses: Any 500-600 level course offered by the Helms School of Government. Other 500-600 level courses will be considered on a case-by-case basis


Students who have obtained or are pursuing a J.D. through Liberty University may substitute electives with up to six credit hours from the following courses: LAW 501 Foundations of Law (2 c.h.), LAW 502 Foundations of Law II (2 c.h.), LAW 531 Constitutional Law I (3 c.h.), LAW 532 Constitutional Law II (3 c.h.), LAW 581 Jurisprudence (3 c.h.), LAW 585 Legal History (3 c.h.), LAW 601 Family Law (3 c.h.), LAW 605 Children & the Law Seminar (2 c.h.), LAW 610 Child Abuse and the Law (2 c.h.), LAW 645 Business Planning (3 c.h.), LAW 721 State & Local Government (3 c.h.), LAW 725 School Law Seminar (2 c.h.), LAW 741 International Law (3 c.h.), LAW 743 International Human Rights (3 c.h.), LAW 745 International Business Transactions (2 c.h.), LAW 755 Bioethics and the Law (3 c.h.)LAW 760 Public Policy Lawyering Skills (2 c.h.), LAW 761 Public Policy Survey (2 c.h.) or LAW 765 Sexual Behavior and the Law (2 c.h.). Non-Liberty students pursuing a J.D. or have a completed J.D. may be able to use up to 6 hours of Law credit towards this degree pending review and approval by the Liberty University School of Law


Any student who is not ready for enrollment in PPOG 690 Thesis Defense (3 c.h.) after completing PPOG 689 Thesis Research (3 c.h.) may be required, as determined by the student’s thesis chair, to repeat PPOG 689 Thesis Research (3 c.h.) until deemed ready for enrollment in PPOG 690 Thesis Defense (3 c.h.).


While PPOG 689 Thesis Proposal & Research (3 c.h.) may be taken more than once, only one enrollment in the course will be permitted to count toward degree requirements

All applicable prerequisites must be met

Graduation Requirements

  • Complete 36 hours
  • A maximum of 50% of the program hours may be transferred if approved and allowable, including credit from an earned degree from Liberty University on the same academic level
  • 3.0 GPA
  • No more than two grades of C may be applied to the degree (includes grades of C+ & C-)
  • No grade of D or below may be applied to the degree (includes grades of D+ & D-)
  • Degree must be completed within 5 years
  • Submission of Degree Completion Application must be completed within the last semester of a student’s anticipated graduation date

Program Offered in Online Format

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