Worship Leadership Major (B.M.)

Worship Leadership Major (B.M.)


Over the centuries, the study of worship and its impact on culture has been an important part of musical, historical and sociological analysis. The B.M. in Worship Leadership affords Liberty University students opportunity to examine the impact of worship on the evangelical culture. Students study worship and its application to music in a hands-on environment and through praxis education experience. Application is further made to 21st century worship pedagogy through studies in contemporary improvisation, contextualization, leadership principles and cultural analysis.

Program Learning Outcomes

The student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate technical fluency, expressiveness, style, and professionalism in musical performance.
  • Apply broad based knowledge of music through research in the areas of music history, music theory, and music literature.
  • Develop contextually based worship strategies.
  • Analyze leadership characteristics within musical contexts.

Delivery Format: Residential Only

  • Choir director
  • Musician
  • Praise team member/recording artist
  • Songwriter
  • Worship leader
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