Commercial Music Major (B.S.)

Commercial Music Major (B.S.)


The B.S. in Commercial Music degree is designed to train musicians to engage vocationally in the commercial music world with Christ-honoring worldview and broad skills in performance, technology, music production, and commercial musicianship.

Program Learning Outcomes

The student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate technical fluency, expressiveness, and professionalism in commercial music performance.
  • Demonstrate broad-based knowledge of commercial music style, music literature, and music theory.
  • Apply music technology to various commercial music contexts.
  • Integrate Christian faith into the discipline of commercial music.

This degree provides a broad overview of commercial music skills foundational for the student who wishes to pursue further career opportunities in the commercial music field. Student career interests may include the following:

  • Music producer
  • Music arranger
  • Music editor
  • Commercial music teacher
  • Social media music specialist
  • Music publicist
  • Sound engineer
  • Entry into studio production
  • Entry into game audio production
  • Entry into film music production
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