Music & Worship Major (B.S.)

Music & Worship Major (B.S.)

There has been significant growth in the numbers of students seeking to further their training in worship studies. Undergraduate students, preparing for one or more of the multiple roles of worship leadership, have found an abundance of job opportunities in local churches and para-church ministries in the evangelical community.

The B.S. in Music and Worship degree programs also prepare students to pursue graduate studies in worship at any seminary or graduate school, including the Master of Arts in Ethnomusicology, Master of Arts in Music and Worship or Master of Arts in Worship Studies offered through Liberty University School of Music.

Program Learning Outcomes

The student will be able to:

  • Build a personal philosophy of worship based on theological principles.
  • Analyze the roles of the worship leader in the evangelical community.
  • Develop contextually based worship strategies.
  • Demonstrate professional-level musicianship.

Pastoral Leadership Concentration

  • The student will be able to demonstrate the skills necessary for Pastoral Ministry.

Worship Technology (Audio) Concentration

  • The student will be able to apply audio production skills in the presentation of worship.
  • Associate Director of Worship Programming
  • Contemporary Christian Artist
  • Director of Worship and Drama
  • Director of Worship Arts
  • Director of Worship Conferences
  • Director of Worship Technology
  • Director of Youth Worship Conferences
  • Music and Worship Evangelist
  • Music Minister
  • Music Production Manager
  • Recording Artist
  • Worship and Missions Director
  • Worship Arts Director
  • Worship Leader or Pastor
  • Youth Ministry Worship Leader/Pastor
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