Music & Worship (M.A.) - Worship Music Studies

Music & Worship (M.A.) - Worship Music Studies

Important: This degree plan is effective for those starting this degree program in fall 2024 through summer 2025. This degree plan will remain in effect for students who do not break enrollment or who do not change degree programs, concentrations, or cognates.

Foundational Studies Courses
MUSC 524Analytical Techniques3
WRSP 510Biblical Foundations of Worship3
WRSP 650Bibliography & Research in Music & Worship3
Total Hours9
Worship Studies Courses
WRSP 501Principles of Worship and Ministry3
WRSP 502A History of Worship Music3
WRSP 520The Role of the Worship Leader3
WRSP 540Current Issues in Worship3
Total Hours12
Worship Music Studies Concentration
MUSC 620Music in America3
or ETHM 511 Introduction to Ethnomusicology
WMUS 600Music Resources and Literature for Worship Leading3
WMUS 610Tools and Techniques for Contemporary Worship3
WRSP 635Building a Theology of Worship3
Choose two of the following:6
Graduate Conducting for the Worship Leader
Advanced Contemporary Arranging Techniques for Worship
Songwriting Seminar
Principles of Worship Technology
Technology and Media for Worship
Ableton Live for Contemporary Worship
Total Hours18
Research Studies Courses
WMUS 692Graduate Music and Worship Comprehensive Exam0
WRSP 689Master's Thesis Proposal and Research 1,23
Choose one of the following:0
Music and Worship Ministry Project 2,3
Worship Lecture Recital 2,3
Thesis 2,3
Total Hours3

Any student who needs to enroll in WRSP 689 more than three times needs the approval of School of Music administration.


Any student who will not be able to complete and defend his/her thesis, ministry project, or lecture recital in the course of a single semester may be required to repeat WRSP 689 each semester until deemed ready for enrollment in WMUS 687, WMUS 691, or WRSP 690


Choose one of the following courses: WMUS 6872, WMUS 6912, or WRSP 6902

All Applicable prerequisites must be met

Graduation Requirements

  • Complete 42 hours
  • A maximum of 50% of the program hours may be transferred if approved and allowable, including credit from an earned degree from Liberty University on the same academic level
  • 3.0 GPA
  • No more than two grades of C may be applied to the degree (includes grades of C+ & C-)
  • No grade of D or below may be applied to the degree (includes grades of D+ & D-)
  • Degree must be completed within 5 years
  • Submission of Degree Completion Application must be completed within the last semester of a student’s anticipated graduation date

Program Offered in Resident & Online Format

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
First SemesterHours
WRSP 501 Principles of Worship and Ministry 3
WRSP 510 Biblical Foundations of Worship 3
Second Semester
WRSP 502 A History of Worship Music 3
WRSP 520 The Role of the Worship Leader 3
WRSP 650 Bibliography & Research in Music & Worship 3
Second Year
First Semester
ETHM 511
Introduction to Ethnomusicology
or Music in America
MUSC 524 Analytical Techniques 3
WMUS 600 Music Resources and Literature for Worship Leading 3
Second Semester
Worship Music Studies Elective 1 3
WRSP 635 Building a Theology of Worship 3
Third Year
First Semester
WMUS 610 Tools and Techniques for Contemporary Worship 3
Worship Music Studies Elective 1 3
Second Semester
WRSP 540 Current Issues in Worship 3
WRSP 689 Master's Thesis Proposal and Research 3
WMUS 692 Graduate Music and Worship Comprehensive Exam 0
Research Studies Elective 2 0
 Total Hours42

Choose one of the following courses: WMUS 515, 525, 526, 630, 637, or 638


WMUS 687, 691, or WRSP 690

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