Academic Credit

Academic Credit

Academic credit is granted for classes successfully completed at LUCOM. A minimum of 14 and a maximum of 16 hours of academic effort are required for one credit in any course. Academic effort is determined according to the following:

  • One hour of classroom contact is equivalent to one hour of academic effort
  • Two hours of laboratory, small group or simulation contact is equivalent to one hour of academic effort
  • Two hours of assigned directed learning or activity outside of the classroom is equivalent to one hour of academic effort

Examinations and anticipated study outside of the assigned requirements are not included in the calculation of academic credit.

  • 0-4 hours of academic effort         0.25 credit
  • 5-10 hours of academic effort         0.5 credit
  • 11-13 hours of academic effort     0.75 credit
  • 14-16 hours of academic effort       1.0 credit

One clinical rotation hour is equivalent to one hour of academic effort. Clinical rotations are designed to require 70-80 contact hours every two weeks or 140-160 contact hours during a four-week block. A clinical rotation hour is considered equivalent to a classroom contact hour since the students are working under the direct supervision of their physician preceptor(s).

Courses successfully completed may be transferred for credit from other LCME or COCA accredited colleges on an individual basis if they meet the criteria and objectives established in the COM catalog and course syllabus. No student may graduate from LUCOM without completing all of the requirements of the curriculum as established by the faculty and administration, meeting all of the requirements for knowledge, skill, and competency in osteopathic philosophy, procedures, and techniques and completing at least the last two years of instruction at LUCOM.

  • Enrollment Classification: Credit Hours per Semester
  • Less than Half Time: 1-2
  • ½ Time: 3
  • ¾ Time: 4-5
  • Full-Time: =>6
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