Nursing for RNs: Post Licensure & Master of Science in Nursing: Nurse Educator (B.S.N. to M.S.N.) - Online

Nursing for RNs: Post Licensure & Master of Science in Nursing: Nurse Educator (B.S.N. to M.S.N.) - Online

Important: This degree plan is effective for those starting this degree program in fall 2019 through summer 2020. This degree plan will remain in effect for students who do not break enrollment or who do not change degree programs, concentrations, or cognates.

General Education/Foundational Skills Requirements

Communication & Information Literacy 1
ENGL 101Composition and Rhetoric3
Communications Elective3
Information Literacy Elective3
Information Literacy Elective3
Technological Solutions & Quantitative Reasoning 1
UNIV 104Instructional Technology for Successful Online Learning0-3
Math ElectiveMATH 114 or higher3
Critical Thinking 1
RLGN 104Christian Life and Biblical Worldview 24
Critical Thinking Elective3
Civic & Global Engagement 1
Cultural Studies Elective3
Social & Scientific Inquiry 1
Natural Science Elective3
Social Science Elective3
Christianity & Contexts 1
BIBL 104Survey of Old and New Testament4
THEO 104Introduction to Theology Survey 24
Total Hours39-42

Major Requirements

BSN for RN's – Post-Licensure Major Foundational Courses
BIOL 204Microbiology for Nursing Professionals 1,24
BIOL 213Human Anatomy and Physiology I 1,2,33
BIOL 214Human Anatomy and Physiology I Lab 1,2,31
BIOL 215Human Anatomy and Physiology II 1,2,33
BIOL 216Human Anatomy and Physiology II Lab 1,2,31
CHEM 108Chemistry for Nursing Professionals 1,24
MATH 201Introduction to Probability and Statistics 1,23
PHIL 380Biomedical Ethics 13
PSYC 101General Psychology 13
PSYC 210Developmental Psychology 13
BSN For RN’s – Post-Licensure Major Core
NURS 105Medical Terminology 41
NURS 210Health Assessment3
NURS 215Pathophysiology3
NURS 220Advanced Nursing Communication 53
NURS 221Fundamentals in Nursing 44
NURS 301Strategies for Adult Health Care I 45
NURS 302Strategies for Adult Health Care II 45
NURS 305Pharmacology 42
NURS 306Pharmacology II 42
NURS 325Nursing Concepts1
NURS 352Caring for the Childbearing Family I 44
NURS 353Caring for the Childbearing Family II 44
NURS 440Strategies for Community Health Care5
NURS 460Advanced Strategies for Adult Health Care 44
NURS 489Leadership in Nursing3
NURS 491Nursing Management3
NURS 492Advanced Concepts of Nursing Practice 63
NURS 500Research 6,73
NURS 503Managing Population Health 6,83
BSN For RN’s – Post-Licensure Free Electives
Choose zero to five credit hours of free electives0-5
MSN – Nurse Educator Concentration
NURS 501Health Policy and Ethics3
NURS 502Nursing Theory and Advanced Practice3
NURS 521Nursing Issues, Informatics and Technology3
NURS 504Advanced Pharmacology3
NURS 505Advanced Health / Physical Assessment3
NURS 506Advanced Physiology and Pathophysiology3
NURS 600Evaluation Strategies for Nurse Educators3
NURS 617Nurse Educator I: Advanced Clinical Applications 93
NURS 618Nurse Educator II: Teaching Strategies 93
NURS 619Nurse Educator III: Curriculum Development 93
NURS 620Nurse Educator IV: Role of the Nurse Educator 93
Choose three credit hours of any 500-600 level course3
Total Hours125-130

 All applicable prerequisites must be met

Graduations Requirements

  • 156 Total Credit Hours
  • 120 Credit hours must be 100-400 level courses (NURS 500 Research (3 c.h.) & NURS 503 Managing Population Health (3 c.h.) included)
  • 3.0 Overall grade point average
  • 30 Credit hours of undergraduate courses must be upper-level (300-400 level)
  • Grade of ‘C’ Minimum required for all undergraduate courses in the major
  • Grade of ‘B’ Or higher required for all graduate courses
  • 50% Of the coursework (up to 75 credit hours) may be transferred if approved and allowable, including credit from an earned degree from Liberty University on the same academic level
  • 46% Of the undergraduate courses in majors must be taken through Liberty University
  • 30 Credit hours of undergraduate courses must be taken through Liberty University
  • Nursing Courses taken through Liberty University which are more than 5 years old may not be applied towards this degree. Students are required to repeat the course if it has exceeded the age limit
  • 5 years Degree must be completed within 5 years
  • Grad App Submission of Degree Completion Application must be completed within the last semester of a student's anticipated graduation date
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