Master of Arts in Linguistics (M.A.)

Master of Arts in Linguistics (M.A.)


The Master of Arts in Linguistics equips students with the knowledge, skills, and ability for understanding the unique inter-working of languages and the components that make up linguistic study. It will equip students for theoretical and applied study in the field as they are equipped for opportunities in teaching, translation, advanced education or vocational enterprise.

Program Learning Outcomes

The student will be able to:

  • Analyze the history of language-its development and adaptation.
  • Explain the role of the different branches of linguistics in language development.
  • Evaluate the interrelated nature of grammatical structures in linguistics.
  • Apply findings from the research and knowledge of the literature in linguistics to society and Christian service.

Program Specific Admission Procedures

In addition to the general admission requirements, specific admission procedures to the M.A. in Linguistics are as follows:

  1. Earned baccalaureate degree or its equivalent from an institution accredited by the University.
  2. Applicants should hold a cumulative GPA of 3.00 on a scale of 4.00 for undergraduate study. Applicants who hold a cumulative undergraduate GPA of 2.75 on a 4.00 scale may be eligible for admission on Academic Caution.
  3. TOEFL (if applicable)

Transfer Credit

Students may transfer up to 18 credit hours from an accredited institution subject to department approval. In order to transfer credit, students must have earned the minimum grade of B-; and courses must have been completed within 10 years of the start date of the program. Credits from a prior degree on the same academic level earned through Liberty University are considered transfer credits.

  • Professional Linguist
  • Educator
  • Translator
  • Military Intelligence
  • Software engineering
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