Background Check, Drug, and Alcohol Screening

Background Check, Drug, and Alcohol Screening

All accepted students are required to complete a criminal background check through LUCOM’s preferred vendor.  Results must be released to LUCOM prior to matriculation in accordance with the Admissions Checklist traffic guidelines, and the cost of this process will be paid by the applicant.  LUCOM reserves the right to revoke an offer of admission based upon information received through the criminal background check.  Criminal background checks are repeated for all students prior to the start of third- and fourth-year clinical rotations, and for specific program participation during the student’s enrollment at LUCOM. Students must follow assigned deadlines to complete the background check at each required time.

By accepting admission to LUCOM and matriculating, the student agrees that LUCOM may share background check information in full with the student’s respective clinical site(s). 

LUCOM applicants and students are required to self-disclose any charges, arrests, or convictions including misdemeanors, felonies, deferred adjunctions, traffic violations, military non-judicial punishment, courts martial, and general or less that honorable discharge from the military, (all hereinafter “Offenses”) with the understanding that non-disclosure/falsification of any previous or pending Offenses may result in the revocation of the offer of admission,  or possible sanctions up to and including dismissal from LUCOM once enrolled.  Offenses which occur while student is enrolled at LUCOM will be referred to Student Progress Committee and documented on the student’s MSPE.

New Offenses must be reported to the Dean within 72 hours of the incident. It is the responsibility of the student to report any offenses including those pending final adjudication to LUCOM.

LUCOM has no control over the content of third-party background checks, which may include charges that have been reduced or dismissed.  Background checks revealing prior offenses, even those which may have been dismissed by the courts, could result in consequences affecting clinical rotations, acceptance into residency programs, future licensing, specialty board certification, and/or employment opportunities.

A student with any Offenses is encouraged to contact the licensure boards in the state of intended practice to ensure the aforementioned Offense will not inhibit the ability to obtain a medical license upon graduation.

In compliance with requirements in the professional practice environment and to minimize the risk to patients, all drug screen results must be received by LUCOM in accordance with Admissions Checklist guidelines prior to matriculation and prior to the start of clinical rotations.  This must meet LUCOM’s standards and be conducted by LUCOM’s preferred vendor. Students must follow assigned deadlines to complete the drug screen at each required time.

Any substance-related incident which occurred before matriculation must be disclosed by the student to the LUCOM Office of Admissions and Student Services.  Following review, acceptance to LUCOM may be rescinded. 

A positive drug screen (i.e. evidence of a controlled substance) or one which shows other abnormalities will be reviewed by a medical review officer and reported to the Dean. Following review, acceptance may be rescinded.

The illegal use or abuse of drugs and/or alcohol has a clear and adverse effect on the educational environment.  All students, as a condition of enrollment at LUCOM, must agree to abide by the Code of Conduct including the policies on alcohol and drug usage and the impaired student policy.  Under this policy, students who are identified abusing alcohol, legal or illegal substances are subject to dismissal from LUCOM or may be referred to the Impaired Student Program.  By signing the Code of Conduct confirming that students have read and acknowledge compliance with the precepts contained in the LUCOM Student Handbook, each student at LUCOM states that he or she is not currently using, and that he or she will not use while a LUCOM student, any products or substances in any manner which are illegal in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Any substance related incident which occurs after matriculation, including, but not limited to charges/arrests for driving under the influence, must be reported by the student to the Dean within 72 hours of the occurrence.  Following review, disciplinary action may be instituted, up to and including, dismissal from LUCOM.

Drug screens are done prior to commencing third year and fourth year clinical rotations and may be repeated at LUCOM’s discretion at any time for reasonable suspicion or cause. By accepting admission to LUCOM and matriculating, the student agrees that LUCOM will share drug screen information in full with the student’s respective clinical site(s).

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