Liberty University Center for Medical and Health Sciences

Mission Statement1

Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine (LUCOM) develops osteopathic physicians in a Christian environment with the values, knowledge, and skills essential for excellence in caring for the patient's body, mind, and spirit. 


1.1 Program Mission

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LUCOM CARES - LUCOM CARES for our students, employees, and communities.

Commitment to Biblical Worldview and Osteopathic Principles - The Christian faith and principles of Osteopathy are embodied in LUCOM's culture through a unified connection of body, mind, and spirit in our daily practices, educational pursuits, community engagement, and wellness advocacy.

Accountability - LUCOM exhibits accountability to our stakeholders through a commitment to uphold our key initiatives as faithful stewards of our culture, program, partnerships, and finances.

Respect - LUCOM cultivates a community of respect characterized by integrity, professionalism, and trust within a nurturing environment that embraces the ethical treatment of all people. 

Excellence - LUCOM pursues academic, clinical, and scholarly excellence through its commitment to developing medical competencies, applying evidence-based practices, engaging in research, and promoting life-long learning to provide quality patient-centered care. 

Servant Leadership - As ambassadors for Christ, LUCOM demonstrates leadership by modeling the fruit of the Spirit and cultural humility to selflessly advance the growth and well-being of others.

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  1. To recruit and graduate osteopathic medical students who have a servant’s heart and are committed to providing care to underserved and underrepresented patients in Virginia, the Southeastern United States, the United States of America, and the globe.
    1. To recruit a diverse student body that has a desire to serve disadvantaged urban and rural underserved populations.
    2. To place an emphasis on recruitment of students from Virginia and the Southeastern United States who share our mission, vision and values and are likely to practice in the region and help advance its health and economic status.
  2. To honor and preserve the history and philosophy along with the art and science of osteopathic medicine through the teaching of historical principles and practices and the incorporation of up-to- date scientific knowledge, research, clinical, and biomedical sciences.
  3. To provide an osteopathic medical education that is holistic, evidence-based, community-focused, and patient-centered with excellence as its expected standard.
  4. To teach students by design, example, and mentorship the treatment of the patient as an integrated whole; incorporating the mind, body, and spirit.
  5. To develop graduates who are qualified to enter any medical discipline upon graduation yet predominantly enter primary care, preventive, and community-based practices in our service area. This will be accomplished through the design of the curriculum, the type and location of the clinical educational opportunities provided, and the leadership of the faculty role models that are provided by the COM.
  6. To advance the careers, knowledge, skills, and personal lives of the faculty and staff of the COM through support for scholarly activity, research, faculty development, a positive environment, and respect.
  7. To contribute to the advancement of medical knowledge and advance the quality of health care for society through educational, scientific, and clinical research, promotion of effective health policy, and other scholarly activity.
  8. To be a valued member of the greater Liberty University, Lynchburg, and Virginia communities through contributions to educational, professional, societal affairs and through works of service.
  9. To support and advance osteopathic and other professional medical associations through leadership, support, contributions of service, development of policies, expansion of knowledge, and collaborative efforts.
  10. To develop clinical education opportunities in rural and underserved areas of Virginia, local as well as distant regions of the United States and globally, and to provide quality clinical educational opportunities for LUCOM students and residents.
  11. To develop clinical opportunities in rural and underserved areas of Virginia that will provide expanded access for patients’ healthcare through the efforts of LUCOM faculty, students, and residents.
  12. To develop and maintain national and international medical outreach and mission programs to train clinicians to serve in underserved areas of Virginia, the United States, and the developing world.
  13. To collaborate with our affiliated hospitals and clinical partners to develop graduate medical education programs for osteopathic and other health professions graduates, provide educational opportunities for health care professionals at the same time the programs provide healthcare and educational services to our region.


5.2 Diversity

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