Office of Equity and Compliance (OEC)

Office of Equity and Compliance (OEC)

Office of Equity and Compliance (OEC)

Ashley Reich
Vice President of Equity Compliance

Non-Discrimination Statement

Click here to view the Liberty University’s Non-Discrimination Statement.

Liberty University is committed to providing a safe and non-discriminatory learning, living, and working environments for all University community members. Liberty University does not engage in unlawful discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, color, ancestry, religion, age, sex, national origin, pregnancy or childbirth, disability, or military veteran status in its educational programs and activities, which includes admissions and employment. Liberty maintains its Christian mission and reserves its right to act in furtherance of its religious objectives. As a faith-based institution, the University is exempt from certain laws and regulations concerning discrimination. 

Office of Equity and Compliance (OEC)

Liberty University's Office of Equity and Compliance (OEC) is charged with enforcing Federal Title IX Regulations and Liberty's Sexual Misconduct Policy and Non-Discrimination & Equal Opportunity Policy. These policies are key components of effectuating the University’s mission and its obligation under the law and apply to all students, faculty, and employees both on and off campus. Inquiries regarding the application of OEC policies can be directed to the Title IX Coordinator.

In accordance with Liberty’s Christian values and its role as an educational institution, the University strictly prohibits the following Prohibited Conduct, which are further defined in the above policies: 

• Sexual Harassment
   - Quid Pro Quo 
   - Hostile Environment 
• Sexual Assault 
• Dating Violence 
• Domestic Violence 
• Stalking 
• Sexual Exploitation
• Retaliation and Interference with Process
• Complicity
• Attempt to Commit Prohibited Conduct 
• Discrimination (based on an individual’s legally protected class status)
• Discriminatory Harassment (based on an individual’s legally protected class status)

The OEC is responsible for promptly and equitably responding to all reports or Formal Complaints of Prohibited Conducted to take steps to eliminate the misconduct, prevent its recurrence, and address its effects on any individual within the University’s community. All members of the Liberty community are expected to treat each other with a spirit of Christian love, mutual respect, and individual dignity.

For more information about your rights and options or to report any type of Prohibited Conduct listed above, please contact the OEC.

Diane Padilla
Interim Title IX Coordinator
Liberty University’s Office of Equity & Compliance
DeMoss Hall 1232
(434) 592-4999
Office of Equity and Compliance

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