Children's Ministry (CMIN)

Children's Ministry (CMIN)

CMIN 500  Foundations for Children's Ministry  3 Credit Hour(s)  

This course addresses the underlying principles and the essential practices of an effective ministry to children, from evangelism to edification and discipleship.

CMIN 600  Nurture and Formation of Children  3 Credit Hour(s)  

As ministers to children, today's Christian educators in home, church, and school can benefit from an exploration of these formative components of a child's life. This course will help the student to understand and facilitate these dimensions of growth and development and assist him or her in shaping strategies for instructing children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

CMIN 610  Discipleship and Education of Children  3 Credit Hour(s)  

This course is an examination of the procedures and processes utilized to impress the life of God and the lifestyle it fosters upon the community's youngest members. The course will focus first upon child evangelism strategies, then will proceed to a discussion of educational philosophy and psychology, teaching methods and materials, and instructional resources for promoting growth and development in our youngest disciples.

Offered: Online

CMIN 650  Administration of Children's Ministries  3 Credit Hour(s)  

Building upon biblical models of leadership and extracting principles and practices from contemporary examples of efficient and effective management, this course will provide the children's minister with the tools necessary to administer a program for church, school, camp, or club, etc.

Offered: Online

CMIN 660  Resources for Children's Ministries  3 Credit Hour(s)  

Children's ministers today must equip and provide themselves with the necessary "tools of the trade." This course will expose the student to a wide-range of ministry resources and tools - from curricular plans to ministry programs to equip and prepare ministers for their service to children.

CMIN 698  Children's Ministry Practicum  1-3 Credit Hour(s)  


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