Counseling (COUN)

Counseling (COUN)

COUN 711  Diagnosis and Treatment of Addictive Behaviors  3 Credit Hour(s)  

Online Prerequisite: COUN 501 and COUN 502 and COUN 504 and COUN 505 and COUN 510 and COUN 512 and COUN 515 and COUN 521 and COUN 522 and COUN 646 and (COUN 500 or Orient Coun Prof Id Func Req with a score of 5)

The biopsychosocial and spiritual effects of various substance and process addictions are examined, along with current information about the effects that addictive substances, behaviors, and patterns have on individuals, couples, and families. Emphasis is placed on current diagnostic issues, stages of change, and treatment techniques from individual, relational, and systemic perspectives.

Offered: Online

COUN 713  Community Systems Counseling: Programs and Practice  3 Credit Hour(s)  

Principles of service delivery in community agencies is reviewed, including roles and functions of counselors, trends in community systems, problems, and special populations.

COUN 716  Consultation and Counseling  3 Credit Hour(s)  

Consultation strategies in working with individuals and groups are surveyed. Topics, problems, and research are taken from counseling, adult education, community service agencies, and instructional technology.

COUN 747  Teaching and Learning  3 Credit Hour(s)  

The course is designed to address the need for counselor educators to operate within a biblically framed pedagogy. To do so, the course examines established and emerging teaching and learning perspectives and practices, viewed through the lens of Scripture, as foundational for developing and reflectively practicing a personal philosophy of education. Participants will be expected to reflect on their own learning, as well as dialogue with others, to build a meaningful education learning community.

COUN 801  Pastoral Care and Counseling in the New Millennium Church  3 Credit Hour(s)  

This course presents an overview of the field of pastoral care and counseling in the local church setting.

COUN 810  Diagnosis/Treatment of Addctv  3 Credit Hour(s)  
COUN 815  Neuro & Psychopharm Issues Cli  3 Credit Hour(s)  
COUN 820  Advanced Readings in Pastoral Care and Counseling  1-3 Credit Hour(s)  

An advanced reading class of an approved subject area in pastoral care and counseling.

COUN 825  Growth & Devel of Contemp Min  3 Credit Hour(s)  
COUN 865  Advanced Theories in Career Development  3 Credit Hour(s)  
COUN 875  Advanced Family Counseling  3 Credit Hour(s)  

Advanced theoretical foundations and intervention for the practice of marriage and family therapy. Emphasizes intervention for couples and families in conflict. Treatment strategies and goals for intervention in specific areas of family conflict are described. Supervision of current cases is employed.

COUN 910  Counseling Supervision  3 Credit Hour(s)  
COUN 920  Consultation in Human Services  3 Credit Hour(s)  
COUN 980  Ministering to Troubled Families  3 Credit Hour(s)  

This course presents a biblical-theological base for resolving issues related to marriage and family problems developed within the context of the current American lifestyle.

COUN 985  Pastoral Counseling with Couples in Distress  3 Credit Hour(s)  

Provides an in-depth study of marital distress and dissolution, theory, intervention strategies, and factors central to marital stability, growth, and health.

COUN 989  Dissertation Proposal and Research  3 Credit Hour(s)  

Preparation for research and writing of the Dissertation.

COUN 990  Dissertation Defense  3 Credit Hour(s)  


COUN 995  Directed Research  3 Credit Hour(s)  

An individually selected research project or tutorial under supervision of the student's advisor.

COUN 997  Counseling Seminar  3 Credit Hour(s)  

An intensive study in a specific subject of Professional Counseling. This course allows variation in the approach and content of the regular curriculum, and often will be used by visiting professors.

COUN 998  Advanced Practicum  3 Credit Hour(s)  

Supervised practice of counseling. Focus is on the skills and development of the counselor under the supervision and guidance of staff in that setting. Students will actively participate in counseling situations with individuals and groups.

COUN 999  Internship in Counseling  3,6 Credit Hour(s)  

Work with individual or groups in practical situations under the supervision and guidance of staff in that setting. Open only to doctoral students or by consent of the department.

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