Informatics (INFO)

Informatics (INFO)

INFO 305  Quality Management and Decision Support  3 Credit Hour(s)  

Online Prerequisite: CSIS 100 or BUSI 311

Focused on improving the quality of patient care, this course will focus on quality management techniques and related decision-support practices. The evaluation of the impact of Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) on the quality, safety, and efficiency of health care data will be explored. Students will apply decision modeling techniques, incorporating comparative analysis, simulation, optimization, and decision analysis designed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of decision support within the healthcare system.

Offered: Online

INFO 310  Foundations of Pharmacology  3 Credit Hour(s)  

Online Prerequisite: NURS 105 and INFO 305

Foundational view of the relationship between pharmacologic and pharmacokinetic knowledge; safe administration of medication; emphasis on the reasoning behind the selection of route, dosage, and dosing schedules of medications provided to patients across their lifespan; legal and professional issues surrounding the safe administration of medication.

Offered: Online

INFO 320  Healthcare Informatics  3 Credit Hour(s)  

Online Prerequisite: INFO 305 or BUSI 311

Evaluates the needs of end users within the healthcare system; multi-phase project planning, evaluation, adoption, and management of new technologies centered on effectively and efficiently exchanging electronic health information; evaluation of medical practice workflows and exploration of the functional needs of end-users while analyzing the fiscal and human resource commitments needed in diverse settings.

Offered: Online

INFO 321  Healthcare Coding and Classification  3 Credit Hour(s)  

Online Prerequisite: INFO 305 and INFO 320

Development of coding and classification systems; analysis of the structure and organization of the medical coding functions within the healthcare system; emphasizing the importance on ICD and CPT coding considerations, process evaluation and improvement, billing reimbursement, and related reporting issues central to effective and efficient operation and compliance.

Offered: Online

INFO 405  Informatics Information Systems  3 Credit Hour(s)  

Resident Prerequisite: (BMIS 200 or CSIS 100) and (RSCH 201 or Inquiry Research with a score of 80 or Research Assessment with a score of 80 or Research (prior to 2017-2018) with a score of 80)

Online Prerequisite: BMIS 200 or CSIS 100

An examination of expert, bio, and clinical decision support systems and technology; management of data in database management systems; data mining; informatics systems analysis, design, and implementation.

Offered: Resident and Online

INFO 410  Healthcare Enterprise Systems  3 Credit Hour(s)  

Online Prerequisite: (BMIS 200 or CSIS 100) and INFO 305

Healthcare enterprise architecture planning, methodology, and frameworks; medical classification and coding systems including electronic health record system design and implementation.

Offered: Online

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