Geography (GEOG)

Geography (GEOG)

GEOG 200  Introduction to Geography  3 Credit Hour(s)  

An introduction course in the physical and cultural phenomena of the earth, stressing spatial distribution of these phenomena.

Offered: Resident and Online

GEOG 320  Regional Studies in Geography  3 Credit Hour(s)  

Geographic approach to a specific region of the world through historic, cultural, economic, political and physical geography. Course may be repeated as topics vary. (Formerly GEOG 420)

Registration Restrictions: Junior or Senior status

Offered: Resident

GEOG 410  Global Issues in Geography  3 Credit Hour(s)  

Prerequisite: GOVT 200 or GOVT 210 or GOVT 220 or GOVT 001 or GOVT 002 or BIOL 101 or BIOL 102 or BIOL 103 or BIOL 104 or BIOL 200 or BIOL 001 or BIOL 002 or BUSI 303 or BUSI 365 or BUSI 437 or BUSI 464 or BUSI 465 or BUSI 496

A course dedicated to showing the interrelationships between geography and fields of study supportive of geography in such issues as national security, environmental crises, and global interdependence. Extensive writing and communication skills can be expected.

Registration Restrictions: Junior status

Note: (Offered as needed)

Offered: Resident

GEOG 495  Directed Research  1-3 Credit Hour(s)  

GEOG 495 - Directed Research (1 to 3 hours)

Offered: Resident

GEOG 497  Special Topics in Geography  1-3 Credit Hour(s)  

GEOG 497 - Special Topics in Geography (1 to 3 hours)

Offered: Resident

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