Tutoring Services

Tutoring Services

Residential Tutoring Services

Director of Residential Tutoring and Writing Services: Lindsay Burgess
Assistant Director of  Residential Tutoring Services: Jenessa Sabanos

Tutoring Services offers subject-based tutoring to residential undergraduate students during the fall and spring semesters at no additional cost. Tutoring Services employs academically excellent students who have a desire to assist their peers in improving or maintaining their academic excellence.

Subjects are offered based on tutor availability, but they typically include at least 100 courses including accounting, biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, math, psychology, American Sign Language, French, Spanish, and more. 

One-on-one tutoring is provided for all available courses so that students can receive individualized assistance from their tutor regarding any course content they may wish to learn, discuss, or review.  In addition, group tutoring is offered for certain high-need courses and provides a safe atmosphere for students to learn alongside their fellow classmates.  For more information, please visit the Tutoring Services website.

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Director: Dr. Alisha Castañeda

SI affords the opportunity for students to meet with SI Leaders/Tutors in live WebEx sessions throughout the week for each week of the course. The SI Leaders are highly knowledgeable and trained in the subject areas for which they provide SI services, and they send out weekly announcements and emails to communicate the days, times, and topics for each session. All students enrolled in the SI courses can join the live sessions but are not required to do so. For any inquiries related to SI, students can visit the following webpage or contact the SI staff:

Website:  www.liberty.edu/online/casas/supplemental-instruction/
Email:      SI@liberty.edu
Phone:     (434) 592-7741

Online Foreign Language Lab (OFLL)

Director: Dr. Alisha Castañeda

The OFLL provides one-on-one tutoring sessions for students studying French, German, and Spanish through the Liberty University Online conversational language courses. The OFLL employs highly qualified individuals with native-speaking ability in the target languages who not only meet the language standards but also are skilled in effectively tutoring and teaching essential language skills. These coaches provide personalized instruction in all areas related to language acquisition, including grammar, vocabulary, appropriate writing style, and oral and auditory practice and development. Considering the long-distance nature of online learning, students meet with tutors via virtual meeting rooms. To find out more about this center and scheduling appointments, please contact the OFLL by any of the following methods:

Website: www.liberty.edu/online/casas/foreign-language-lab
Email:    onlinefll@liberty.edu
Phone:    (434) 592-7741

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