Teaching (M.A.T.) - Elementary Education (45 hrs.) - Special Education General Curriculum (K-6) Add-On

Teaching (M.A.T.) - Elementary Education (45 hrs.) - Special Education General Curriculum (K-6) Add-On

Important: This degree plan is effective for those starting this degree program in fall 2020 through summer 2021. This degree plan will remain in effect for students who do not break enrollment or who do not change degree programs, concentrations, or cognates.

After completion of the required program coursework (including student teaching), content competencies (if applicable), and the passing of licensure tests, the graduate of this program would be eligible for a VA state teaching license with endorsements in Elementary Education and Special Education General Curriculum (K-6).

Initial Education Core Courses
EDUC 504Educational Philosophy and Theories of Learning3
EDUC 510Instructional Strategies for Diverse Learners3
EDUC 606Tests and Measurements3
EDUC 623Principles of Behavior Management3
Total Hours12
Elementary Education Cognate
EDUC 530Teaching Mathematics 1,23
EDUC 554Reading and Language Acquisition 2,33
EDUC 634Teaching Science in the Elementary School3
EDUC 636Teaching Social Studies in the Elementary School3
Total Hours12
Special Education Courses
EDSP 521Foundations of Exceptionality3
EDSP 524Collaborating for Successful Inclusive Classrooms3
EDSP 525Transition and Assessment for Exceptional Learners 1,23
Total Hours9
Professional Courses
EDUC 571Curriculum Fundamentals 13
EDUC 632Literacy and Language Instruction3
Total Hours6
Gate & Field Experience Courses
EDSP 688Initial Licensure Practicum in Special Education II 1,20
EDGT 520School of Education Gate 1 – MAT Initial Licensure0
EDGT 560School of Education Gate 2 – MAT Initial Licensure0
EDGT 580School of Education Gate 3 – MAT Initial Licensure0
EDUC 588Initial Licensure Practicum I 1,30
EDUC 688Initial Licensure Practicum II 1,40
Total Hours0
Student Teaching
EDST 586The Reflective Practitioner: Resource Seminar-Elementary3
Choose one of the following:3
Student Teaching Local 1,2,3
Student Teaching Local – Own Classroom 1,3
Student Teaching External 1,3
Student Teaching External – Own Classroom 1,3
Total Hours6


  • Competencies must be met prior to student teaching. Refer to the Elementary Content Competency Chart.

All applicable prerequisites must be met

Graduation Requirements

  • Complete 45 hours
  • A maximum of 50% of the program hours may be transferred if approved and allowable, including credit from an earned degree from Liberty University on the same academic level
  • 3.0 GPA
  • No more than two grades of C may be applied to the degree (includes grades of C+ & C-)
  • No grade of D or below may be applied to the degree (includes grades of D+ & D-)
  • Degree must be completed within 5 years
  • Submission of Degree Completion Application must be completed within the last semester of a student's anticipated graduation date

Program Offered in Online Format

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